May 20, 2014

D&D Core Books

The new core books for D&D's 5th edition have just been announced and I had the opportunity to paint a couple of them.  Let's just say I couldn't say yes fast enough when I received the request. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

The first one I was given was the Player's Handbook.  The original image was cropped down a bit for the final cover.  I don't always like when this happens but it is part of the process and typically why many ADs ask for lots of bleed on the image.  Ultimately I think it turned out really nice with the tight crop.

The Player's Handbook (Uncropped)
Final Print Version
The second one commissioned, only about a couple months ago, was the Dungeon Master's Guide.  This time around we anticipated a close crop and I painted the image for that specifically.

Dungeon Master's Guide
Final Print Version
I was truly honored to get to work on two of the core books for the next installment of D&D.  Big thanks to the ADs, Melissa and Shauna for these two paintings.

Jeff LaSala wrote a great article over at Tor discussing what D&D has instore with 5th edition.  We had a little chat about the covers I painted.  Check it out here

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  1. Just found this website while browsing for random D&D pictures and I have to say: outstanding work! Haven't followed 5E in a while, and now this. I like the distinctive colors in each image a lot, also the interesting positioning and angles in the PHB image (putting the monster in the positive space is something I wouldn't have expected). The only fault I can find is that both scenes appear a bit static to me, I dunno, maybe because everything is very clear and crisp? Anyway, really evocative work, thanks for sharing it.