June 1, 2013

New Magic Piece

Here is a new piece for the upcoming M14 set.  The first pass at this painting the dragon didn't have the two arms.  His arms were his wings.  A couple of months after I had finished and been paid for the piece, I get an email from the AD and he says that their dragon designs have four limbs and wings.  He apologized for not seeing it at first and told me he needed me to paint 2 arms into the piece within a couple of days because it was going to print that next week.  In truth I felt the painting was lacking a bit and adding the arms helped.  The trouble was trying to find a way to incorporate the arms into the original composition.  In the end it all worked out.

The other good thing was that I upgraded my camera in between the revisions and was able to get a better shot of the painting.

Scourge of Valkas
16x20 Oil on Masonite