November 5, 2012

Shadowcore bringing gaming art to Illuxcon

Starting this Thursday night Illuxcon 5 will be underway.  3 members of Shadowcore are proud to be involved with this intimate and important show and will be exhibiting work, presenting panels and having a darn good time.   Gaming illustrators are strongly represented at Illuxcon, which is a respectful nod to the challenging task of consistently crafting compelling work on deadline and the high quality seen in today's gaming art.

Our flyer, which may be picked up from one of the exhibitors below....

Christopher Burdett

"I am happy to be hosting a panel this year at Illuxcon. Wizards of the Coast's very own Jon Schindehette will be joining me as we discuss "getting serious". If you are interested in attending the panel it is at noon on Saturday 11/10. We will be discussing topics such as establishing a strong web presence, networking, setting goals, specialization within the industry, overcoming set backs, handling yourself professionally online, branding, and monsters.

I will also be returning to the Showcase event on Friday evening. In addition to prints and all three of my sketchbooks I will also have with me a stack of original drawings and some of my traditional paintings, two of which have never been seen. "

Mike Sass

As I wrap up another busy art year I'm knee deep in Illuxcon preparation.  I just bought a proper carry-on suitcase for my originals, of which I purposely kept at sizes for safe personal transport.  This and some prayer that my frames survive in my luggage will hopefully get me to Altoona  to show off my latest oil paintings in the Friday showcase. 

In addition, I will be on a panel with Jim Pavelec, Todd Lockwood, Randy Gallegos and Aaron Miller presenting a discussion on "strengthening the artist's role in our industry".  This will be a discussion on the challenges we face as fantasy illustrators and some solutions to guide young artists."

But first I gotta pack!!!

Chris Rahn

" It's been a ton of work over the last couple of weeks getting everything ready for the show but now that it's just around the corner I'm getting more and more excited thinking about seeing all that incredible art up close and hanging out with so many great and talented people. If I have half the fun I did last year it's going to be awesome!

 Here is a new work I will be unveiling in the main show"

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