November 16, 2012

Shadowcore at Illuxcon 2012

Illuxcon is the premiere event each year for those interested in or working in fantasy illustration.The fifth Illuxcon concluded this past Sunday and three members of Shadowcore were present to take in the convention. This year Chris Rahn returned to the main show and myself and Mike Sass returned to the showcase event and Mike and I took part in panel discussions. I hosted a panel joined by Wizards of the Coast's very own Jon Schindehette where we talked about getting serious as an illustrator. Mike was joined by Randy Gallegos, Aaron Miller, Todd Lockwood, and Jim Pavelec as they talked about options for artists to improve the industry.

This was the last Illuxcon to take place in Altoona, Pa., next year they are moving to Allentown to take advantage of a larger venue. There will be other changes to Illuxcon with the move, but hopefully it will maintain all the charm and uniqueness as the convention grows and evolves. Hopefully more members of Shadowcore will be able to attend next year, I know I will be!

Here are some images that Mike and I took during Illuxcon V...

The main show of Illuxcon.

 Shadowcore at Illuxcon! (L to R: Christopher Burdett, Mike Sass, and Chris Rahn)

Again, Chris Rahn in his booth.

 A panorama of the Illuxcon main show from the ground floor.

 Mike Sass in the Showcase.

 My table in the Showcase.

 Showcase buddies!

 A look out into the classroom at the end of my talk.

 Panel Buddies! Myself and Jon Schindehette... RAWR!

 (L to R)  Mike Sass, Randy Gallegos, Aaron Miller, Todd Lockwood, and Jim Pavelec at their talk.
There were way more up beat then this image leads on...

The last group meal of Illuxcon V.
(L to R) Christopher Burdett, Filip Burburan, Milivoj Ceran, Ralph Horsley, Chris Rahn, and Mike Sass.

Haters gonna hate... something familiar caught my eye from the garbage can out the front door of the main show. Looks good even in there!


  1. Great work all around guys! Sorry I missed it. Next year for sure!

  2. It was a lot of fun as always, next year Shadowcore's going to dominate that thing! :)

  3. They will re-name it to SHADOWCORE CON!! =P

    Awesome, guys! Looks like a lot of fun and again I wish so much I would have been there myself.

  4. Thanks for the post guys! I really need to make it out to Illuxcon one of these years.

  5. Next year we make the "shadowcorener" of a group of us setting up beside in the show