August 7, 2012

Niiro no Oni - L5R

My first piece for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG has finally come out and I am happy to finally get to share it. I did this piece just about a year ago (give or take a few weeks) so what is old is new again. I have for you the final piece, the drawing, and finally a six step paint progression. I am really happy with how it reproduced on the card and look forward to sharing more of my L5R work... once those sets come out!

Niiro no Oni
© 2012 Alderac Entertainment Group

Niiro no Oni - drawing
© 2012 Alderac Entertainment Group 

Niiro no Oni - painting process



  1. Chris, I mentioned this on fb but I need to do so again, this piece is awesome! I really dig the process shots :) Love the colors in this piece, man. Killed it.

    1. :D Thanks, Eric! Really appreciate it. It was my first piece for them so I really felt like I needed to hit it out of the park and into another park and then out of that second park. It was a fun monster and I was given complete control with no strings, so I just had lots and lots of fun :)

  2. Great piece Chris! All those steaming squirming bugs are definitely two parks away :).