September 26, 2011

Anna Christenson

I have to say I'm really excited about this blog. So a big thanks to Craig for putting it together, and also a thank you to all the contributors for taking the time out of busy illustration schedules to post!

My name is Anna Christenson. I live in Rochester, NY with my boyfriend Reed Smith, and our cat, Orc. I went to Fredonia State University in NY, and graduated with a degree in Illustration and Animation in 2009. Prior attending college I had always worked with gouache or oils, but while there I began to work more frequently in Photoshop, and that is now how I complete the majority of my work.

I broke into the industry in 2008 doing card art for The Game of Thrones card game that Fantasy Flight Games produces. Shortly after I graduated in 2009, I attended my first GenCon, where I met Jim Pinto, who got me started doing work for Legend of Five Rings. Since then I've been doggedly pursuing my career as an illustrator, having worked for clients like WB Games, Wizards of the Coast, and Paizo, in addition to working on a number of other games for FFG. I don't think I'd be where I am at now without all of the wonderful artists and art directors I've met over the last few years.

When I have a bit of free time (not often!), I usually can be found reading, playing some video game or another, hiking, or working on personal projects.

My personal portfolio can be found here:

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Somehow I missed "Unnatural Growth" on your site, the muted/ rusted palette on that is really nicely done. Great work, thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Anna! I'm a big fan of your Eurydice piece. Awesome work. :)

  3. Anna, you are on fire. Your work is always an inspiration. Keep it up! I'm glad you're part of the blog :)

  4. Your sense for details is insane, Anna! So much to look at. Great stuff!

  5. Brilliant work, Anna !! Especially like the architectural elements..

  6. Thanks Chuck! I definitely got into those pieces.

  7. yeah, nice work on the architectural elements. glad there are people like you out there to take those pieces so the art directors don't feel like they have to give them to me. :)

    and i love all the details on the warhammer character pieces.