September 24, 2011

Adam Danger Cook

I'm really excited to be posting with you all. I join everyone who's posted before me in saying "thanks!" to Craig for putting the blog together. I'm also with Kieran, in that I'm no good with writing bios, but here goes:

I went to school at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, but I didn't get much out of it in terms of a future in illustration. (The people were great - the structure, at the time, was less than ideal.) So in 2003, after graduation, I tagged along with more experienced illustrators than myself, learning as I went. With the help of my mentor, Lee Moyer, I was able to get up to speed on painting - at least enough to get a couple gigs here and there and get things going.

I live in Portland, Oregon, out in the Northwest United States, with my wife, Traci Cook (also an illustrator). I freelance for companies like Wizards of the Coast, Lucas Arts, Hasbro, Sony Online Entertainment and Sideshow Collectibles. A lot of my current work, however, involves concept design for local studios Liquid Development and Supergenius Studio.

I feel grateful to be included in such fantastic company. I will do my best to post and stay up to speed with everyone. :)

Runecast Tracker
© 2010 Sony Online Entertainment

Evasive Action
© 2009 Sony Online Entertainment

Ravenous Dragon
© 2011 Sony Online Entertainment

Servant of the Lord of Blades
© 2009 Wizards of the Coast

Gloomwrought Rooftop Chase
© 2011 Wizards of the Coast

Ogre Bully
© 2009 Sony Online Entertainment

Scarecrow Attack
© 2009 Wizards of the Coast


  1. Adam:
    Glad to see you on here! As an Eberron novelist, I just have to say....I LOVE your Lord of Blades piece. And that scarecrow is pretty wicked.

  2. Adam, glad to see your post, man! I love that Runecast tracker piece... the color palette choice for that is absolutely killer. Thanks for sharing so many pieces with us :)

  3. Thanks you guys! I appreciate the comments and am glad to be posting (somewhat belatedly). :)

  4. Brilliant new stuff, Adam !!
    I'd not seen the Gloomwrought,
    or Scarecrow pieces.. Just Beautiful !!


  5. Thanks for posting Adam! Anytime I'm assigned a Warforged, your 'Lord of Blades' is on my screen for reference. Yes, I steal from you.. deal with it :).

  6. Thanks Chuck and Craig. Craig - I'm dealing with it ;)

  7. Kidding, of course, about stealing. But, your take on the Warforged is great. So often they're portrayed as lumpy undefined metal hulks, I prefer your version, with mechanical components that actually look functional.

  8. The Runecast Tracker piece is so great, and I keep coming back to the Lord of Blades piece! I can see why Craig would want to steal your ideas, haha. =P

  9. Hi, nice to see your work!
    I am also an illustrator living in Portland! =D I do vector stuff.


  10. Craig - I know buddy. I only jest back of course. Yeah, Lee threw me onto that take with the warforged a while back and it really resonated with me.

    Thanks, Anna! High praise coming from you and much appreciated. :)

    Tora - Do you produce vector for freelance clients or for a studio in town. I work on a lot of vector assets for Liquid Development at the moment myself. . .

  11. I've been bogged down in poverty since I graduated, working at a bakery. lol. It's just been small freelance jobs for local businesses so far. Do you know of any studios looking for people?

  12. Tora - the local studios are always looking for more people. If you shoot some portfolio samples to Liquid Development, they might be able to hook you up with some stuff. I can't guarantee anything, just a suggestion to make your presence known. :)

  13. Thanks a lot for the tip, Adam!

  14. This blog looks to be pretty amazing.
    Adam, all of these are so impressive!

    It's really great to see more people from Portland.
    I've been considering trying to get into the illustration business, and it's really inspiring to see your work, and read what you have to say.