March 15, 2013

Cover Art for Pathfinder's "Chronicle of the Righteous"

Whoo, I can finally show some art again that has nothing to do with cute fashionistas or colorful cartoon creatures ;D (however, if you are interested in cute fashionistas, please may I refer to my website ->

Here's the cover artwork for Paizo's upcoming "Chronicle of the Righteous". Plus, I thought I throw in the sketch as well to show you all how messy I actually can be sometimes. There was a time earlier in my career as a freelance illustrator, where I created beautiful clean and sharp sketches prior to my paintings. Those times are gone as you can see ;(

Anyways, enjoy! And I hope to be able to show stuff more frequently again in future.


  1. Really dynamic composition, amazing work EEEEVVVAAAAAA!!!!

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