December 6, 2012

Deep One and Chimera

I recent made some time to try my hand again at working traditionally. I had some ups and downs earlier this year with my first attempts at working with real live paint and had been hesitant to do do again. With Illuxcon fast approaching in November, I knew I had better step up to the plate of bow out completely... in the end I had two new piece to share at Illuxcon. Here are the pieces, the Deep One and the Chimera...

Deep One
© 2012 Christopher Burdett

© 2012 Christopher Burdett

The Deep One is my third traditional piece and the Chimera is my fourth.  The Deep One was painted as a gift for a friend and fellow artist that was also attending Illuxcon. The Chimera is part of the huge and long term personal project I am working on whenever I can. Here are some process photos of the paintings coming together, I tried to take a photo once an hour as I worked...

Deep One steps 1 - 4
Deep One steps 5 - 8

Deep One steps 9 - 12

Chimera steps 1 - 6

Chimera steps 7 - 12

Slowly but surely this whole crazy thing of working traditionally is becoming less scary and maybe just might be something I do more often... maybe. Had a lot of fun with these and I think I learned a thing or two... or three. When I complete some more traditional pieces I will be sure to share them here! Here are some last looks at the piece, funny how putting a frame on them really finishes them off...

The Deep One is getting ready to head off it its new home.

The Chimera rests up after an exciting trip to Illuxcon. Maybe if it is good it will go find a nice home with someone.



  1. Looking good! Glad to hear the traditional materials are working out for you.

    1. Thanks, Craig! Slowly but surely it is going in the right direction! :)

  2. Wicked !! Love the totem stacked approach to the Chimera!!

  3. Man, everyone's going traditional. Maybe that means my digital paintings will be worth more one day ;) Nice work!