September 10, 2012

August Dungeons & Dragons pieces

I produced a couple of illustrations for the August issue of Dragon magazine. Both centered around new monsters that I got to design for the illustrations. Happy with how both turned out and I think production was too. Here is how they turned out...

The Inner Sun
© 2012 Wizards of the Coast

Slaves of the Oba
© 2012 Wizards of the Coast

Here is a look at the image progression for the Slaves of the Oba piece. Still feeling out my new method of building up the image, but so far it is producing results that I am really happy with. I would have shared the progression for The Inner Sun, but there is this issue with all the magenta I would have to explain about... and I plan on telling that story only once. 

Slaves of the Oba - Process
© 2012 Wizards of the Coast

I have talked a lot about reference on my blog and elsewhere. I can't repeat it enough... no matter what you are doing you need to be looking at the world around you for guidance and influence. This also means grabbing your friends and making them do impromptu photo shots when you realize the lighting is right and that they will make a great victim.  

REFERENCE! Does not need to be perfect to be incredibly helpful!


  1. Good textures on the first one, Chris... almost looks like paint!

    1. Thanks, Mike! That is a very nice compliment! :)

  2. Chris, I love the way that first one reads in the smaller thumbnail size :) I think that's a sign of truly solid piece! Awesome progress post, man.

  3. I agree with Mike... except both of 'em look like real paint to me :). Great work Chris!