February 23, 2012

Monster Mash

Some recently released book, magazine, and card illustrations...

Jade Regent © Paizo Publishing

Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl Dungeon Magazine #199 © Wizards of the Coast

Dracurion SkyGuard Legends of Norrath © Sony Online Entertainment


  1. Awesome as usual, Craig. I think the guy frozen in ice is so cool for some reason. They're all great. Kudos buddy :)

    Probably all that damn alligator you've been eating. . .

  2. Hell YEAH! Glacial Rift is my favorite. Just something about it resonates with me.. Kick ass new work, homie.

  3. Love the Paizo half-pagers! Good stuff, man.

  4. Thanks guys! I'm doing a shipload of pirate images for Paizo, unfortunately those are tied up in NDA for a while. I was thinking about posting the entire series of Carrion Crown interiors from last summer, but don't want to spam the blog too much.

  5. Great work, Craig! I love that last piece with the winged creature. Just out of curiosity, is that Jade Regent piece with the golden dragon based off the Sovereign Dragon design I did? It looks like it might be but either way, I love what you did with that piece. The point of view and the way the viewer's eye glides down the serpentine body of the dragon to the two figures below is great and it's painted beautifully.

    Inspiring stuff!

  6. Thanks Jim! I matched the reference Sarah sent for the Sovereign Dragon pretty closely, but there was no signature or file info, so I'm not sure if it was yours. I went back through a few months on your blog (great work btw), but didn't see any gold dragons. Did you post it anywhere else?

  7. No, I wasn't sure if Bestiary 3 had been released yet but I see that it has so I can post that art now.

    This serves as a good reminder to sign my work! I've always been been forgetful about that.

    I'll post the dragon on my blog and give you a "heads up" when I do it. I'm pretty sure what you did was based on what I did but I actually like your take better. It's very dynamic!

  8. Craig, I posted that dragon design on my blog this morning. You can see it here:

    Please take a look: http://jimnelsonart.blogspot.com/2012/02/chinese-dragons.html

    Once again, I loved the work you posted in this update. Just out of curiosity, do you work primarily in Photoshop or painter (or is your work a mix of both)?

  9. Yep, the reference was definitely your dragon. You and Wayne did the heavy lifting, all I did was aim the camera at the characters from a different point of view :)

    I work entirely in CS4 on a 21ux. I tried Painter once, and it was like climbing into the cockpit of a MiG. Unfortunately. I don't know how to read Russian, nor how to fly a fighter plane. With my tail between my legs, I ran back to Photoshop.

  10. Oh, that's "all" you did, eh? ;)

    Regarding Painter: my first experience with the program was very similar. I still don't use it extensively but I've learned how to use it for bits and pieces. I find there are things it does better than Photoshop but overall, I'm much, much more comfortable with Photoshop CS4.