November 10, 2011

Shadowcore at Illuxcon

This past weekend was Illuxcon 4! Not only was it an amazing four days of workshops, demos, lectures, and the best in contemporary illustration work out there, it was also the first opportunity for some of the members of Shadowcore to gather in one place. Chris Rahn, Mike Sass, Christopher Burdett, Anna Christenson, and Tyler Jacobson attended Illuxcon and shared their work with all who attended. Chris Rahn and Tyler Jacobson had booths in the main show of Illuxcon. Mike Sass, Christopher Burdett, and Anna Christenson took part in the Showcase event which took place the second night of Illuxcon. The Showcase is a four hour exhibit event that allows those not in the main show to share their work with all who attended Illuxcon. I think it is safe to say we all had an amazing time and hope that the rest of Shadowcore can make it out to Illuxcon next year!

From left to right: Chris Rahn, Mike Sass, Christopher Burdett, Anna Christenson, and Tyler Jacobson.

Tyler Jacobson in his booth in the main show!

Chris Rahn in his booth in the main show!

Christopher Burdett's table in the Showcase!

Anna Christenson's table in the Showcase!

This should be Mike Sass's table in the Showcase... Sorry Mike...

*EDIT NOTE* Cynthia Sheppard was nice enough to share a photo she took at Illuxcon of Mike Sass's very impressive banner which was right next to his table. Thanks, Cynthia!

The one, the only, the Mike Sass Banner!

Everybody just goes crazy for a chance to hold a Shadowcore flyer!

We had a spiffy new flyer printed for Illuxcon so that we could spread the word and so that those not able to attend could be there in name at least. We all had them at our tables and gave them out to all that we could.

Front / Back
The Shadowcore flyer!

Even the great and powerful Jon Schindehette (Senior Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast) loves his Shadowcore flyer!

I hope that next year all twelve members of Shadowcore can make it out to Illuxcon, it is the premiere event for illustration and a super fun time to be had!


  1. I got one of Mike's spiffy banner:

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! I have included your photo!

  3. I need more PR than this.... well not really.
    Thanks Cyn!

  4. Awesome! Glad to see pictures from the con, I think we need to make it our mission for all of us to make it out for 2012 :) Group photo and group awesome. Hands in. we! are! the core!

  5. Thanks for the pics and commentary! Wish I could have been there. Next year... definitely next year.

  6. Next best thing to being there in person. :) Thanks for the pics!