October 12, 2011

Introducing....ME!!! (Mike Sass)

First off, I would also like to thank Craig for putting this collective together!  Its exciting to be viewed in the same place as the other geniuses in the Shadowcore* stable.  (I know I'm late in posting my intro, but you'll have to forgive my wife for having a baby last week.)   I'll have to do my best to keep up with the quality of the other members, and I'm motivated to do better work after looking at what the others are kicking out!

For anyone who does't know me (most everyone), I have a long history in the video games industry, dating back to 1996.  Out of art school, where I earned a design degree, I landed a job with a startup game company called BioWare.  Fast forward 12 years, I left in 2008 to become a freelancer after having a long and rewarding career as the principal marketing artist for that company.  For the past couple years I have been getting into the RPG and TCG (card game) field, and loving the people and projects very much.

I live in Canada with my wife and 2 sons, and we try to stay warm and safe from rabid moose.  About once a year I venture south to meet up with the great folks in the fantasy art community and to learn more about how a freelancer is supposed to make a living, and replenish my vitamin D levels.  So far so good.

I've got a blog, which has some good info squirreled away in old posts if anyone is interested.  I'll do my best to add information and new art to the growing Shadowcore* worldwide phenomenon. 

* your #1 web source for fantasy gaming art. 

:) m.

Update: (6:30pm) After making a joke about a rabid moose and then heading out the door of my studio to go for supper, there was in fact a 500lb moose right outside my door.  True.


  1. Beautiful catalog of work, Mike !!
    What part of Canada?

  2. Wow Mike, beautiful stuff! Welcome to the fold.

    I heard a rumor you're going to be at IlluXCon this year. If that's the case I'll see you there. We'll have to find some time to talk shop.

  3. Thanks guys! I live in Edmonton, BTW. Pretty north.

    @Chris: I really want to meet you! I GREATLY admire your work (you have no idea) It would be a thrill.

  4. Thanks Mike! That's awesome to hear.

    btw, so glad you're a part of Shadowcore* worldwide phenomenon.

    *your #1 web source for fantasy gaming art.


  5. LOVE that zombie cyclops! RAWR! :D Great work Mike!

  6. I've already said this on facebook earlier, but it's awesome to have you part of the pack, Mike! Your work is damn rad.

    Chris- Nicely put haha


    Killer stuff! Congrats on your new baby!!!


  8. Yeah that's far out.. Well, hope to have a pint some day in any case.. You vid game cats, seem to have the best stories.. =) ..and during the ramp up to Star Wars as well.. Too cool..!!

  9. Oh do I got stories... really don't get me started. ;)

  10. Killer work man, glad to have you on board!

    Oh, and... I wanna hear the stories too :).

  11. Great work! Love the Frost Titan piece :)

  12. You know I love your work Mike. (I hadn't seen most of those characters though except the gargoyle. Nice stuff!) Welcome aboard!

  13. That steampunk dwarf is the Don.

  14. wow! great to see your work.
    Thanks for sharing.
    this definitely is the #1 place for fantasy gaming art. very excited about this blog. :)

    also, congrats on the new addition to your family.

  15. So up in Canada, do you just get the local frost giant to pose for reference?

  16. yeah, it was just a dude in the bar.

  17. I'm late to chime in, Mike - but welcome, man. :) Nice to have you posting your awesome work 'round these parts. I sympathize on low vitamin D levels, living in Portland. We're entering the rainy season again and I already miss the sun.

    Not hitting up IlluxCon this year myself, but hopefully we can meet one of these days at one of the various conventions. It'd be cool to get a chance to chat. Welcome, again!