October 20, 2011

Happy Halloween

A while back I did a Vampire piece for Wizards of the Coast and I thought it perfectly fitting for the season and my favorite holiday.  I really had a blast with this one and am glad I can finally show it off.  Here is the piece as well as a little bit of my process.

Happy Halloween!!

A little bit of my process....

 Step by Step


  1. very cool.
    thanks for sharing the step by step.

    what Wizards property was this for?

  2. That's a very nice piece, and thank you for showing your process. The doorknocker, particularly, is fantastic!

    If I may ask, why do you execute a pencil drawing when you work up a digital thumbnail first and also execute the final in digital?

  3. Beautiful piece man, the bat door knocker is a great touch.

  4. Sweet! I like it! Those wolves are cute and vicious at the same time. :)

  5. Amazing piece. All the metal details on the door are great, but what gets me are the billowing cloth folds and the slash of bright orange light. I also like the Vampire's nonchalant hand gesture, as if he's saying: "So the sun is rising, big deal. Now close the damn door."

  6. I'm going back to pencil sketches again since a while and it really makes a difference. Not only do you have a physical piece of art, there's also something charming about real pencil lines. Even though I can tackle a sketch digitally, there's still such a difference in texture and "handwriting". I'm happy to see Tyler doing this as well - it's worth the effort.

    Great piece of art, Tyler!! The details are beautiful and that's an awesome light source, too. Though, I would have made some of the red parts more brighter, would have made a nice contrast. Anyways, it's awesome!! :)

  7. You know how much I dig this piece. I believe this is probably the 3rd time I'm telling you haha, in either case, it deserves such praise. This piece is kick ass boss of epic proportions. That light from the doorway and the door knocker is damn nice.

  8. Great work Tyler! Process shots are always great to see as well :)

  9. Beautiful piece, great composition and great lighting.

  10. That's one really cool vamp scene. Way to go. I love the process you show on it. Very stylish.