October 18, 2011

Eva's Sketches in ImagineFX

Damn, Craig was first with the magazine feature =P

A while ago, ImagineFX approached me and asked if I would be interested in being featured in their sketchbook section of the magazine (silly question - of course I'm interested!!). So I sat down and started to select a few drawings ... thought it's not a big effort and then I got hit by an archive of countless sketches I did over the past years. It was overwhelming, it took me a whole day to go through it to choose just a handful to be featured.

I'm quite happy with the selection the editors were choosing, lots of stuff I did for the Inuit Mythology Project and even a few personal ones.


  1. Gratz on the awesome feature, Eva! Lovely sketches. How many sketches did you end up sending over? I've been dying to get a spot of some sort in ImagineFX, some amazing people have graced those pages, awesome to see some Shadowcore representing in there ;) Well deserved!

  2. I love your sketches Eva, so congrats on the feature! Do you know which issue it was? I'd love to see if I can get a hold of one.

  3. What do the kids say these days? Pwned? Yeah, my tiny sidebar piece just got pwned :). Seriously though, well deserved Eva! Your sketches amazed me the first time I saw 'em, and they just keep getting better.

    Did ImagineFX ask you to be featured in the '09 Christmas edition, or did you make a submission first?

  4. @ Eric: Uh, I think they asked me to submit around 15 sketches but I ended up sending them twice as much and just handed over the decision-making to them (as you know, artists can be a bit blind sometimes when it comes to choosing your own "best pieces"). I am actually surprised you haven't been featured in there yet?! I think, Shadowcore should push them a note. Actually, I think we should tell them about Shadowcore! The love to hear about what's going on and they could at least feature it in their news section.

    @ Anna: Thanks so much :) It's the latest issue, #76, December 2011. It's just after being released here in Europe, not sure if it's already in the US though...

    @ Craig: Yes, ImagineFX approached me both times for the features - I am usually too shy to throw emails and portfolios at magazines =P

    Thanks everybody, you're too kind!

  5. Beautiful stuff. I love the creepy cat's cradle witch character.

  6. Congrats on the feature, Eva !! Now that I've seen these, I want to see the archives as well.. Do you have a printed sketchbook ?? =)