October 2, 2011

Chuck Lukacs

Greetings All,
It's an honor to be shown with this group of illustrators..  Such an extraordinary pool of light-pushing skills, I can hardly begin to explain?  Suffice it to say, big ups to Mr. Craig Spearing for rounding this creative brain trust!  Here are some of my own wig bubbles, and I can't wait to see what contributions and potentials lie in this brilliant collective.. =)

I've been fortunate enough to have illustrated for the science fiction & fantasy gaming markets for over 12 years, graduated from Detroit's own College of Creative Studies in 93, but like Craig, a lot of time was spent studying traditional materials, ceramics, printmaking and bookarts.  My oil paintings and prints have appeared in Spectrum, ImagineFX, I've won some awards, and I've authored and co-authored two fantasy art tutorial books from Impact; Wreaking Havoc, 2007 and Fantasy Genesis, 2010 (plug =)  I've freelanced for; NBC/Universal, Pyr/Prometheus Books, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Upper Deck, AEG, Games Workshop, Road Runner and Atlantic Records, and have recently had the great privilege to start teaching a couple classes at the PNCA here in Portland, OR!  It's an odd sensation, teaching your eventual replacements, but a path I'd like to continue.. =)

Thanks for the once over, and really hope to meet up at
ECCC, or any Cons we all might be attending..
Cheers, Chuck


  1. Your signature drawing and vibrant color are truly one-of-a-kind original, it's always great to see your work. Thanks for posting! (and yeah, let's grab a pint or two soon :).

  2. Craig has just said it - your use of colours is unique and I could pick out your style from many others immediately.

  3. Hey man - I second the "amazing work" comments above. I've always dug your unique take on fantasy illustration and design. :)

  4. Gracious, gracious thanks!! Really means a lot to me coming from such an extraordinarily talented group!!

    I'd like to throw a couple ideas I've briefly mentioned on FB out there, but need a couple minutes to squeeze together before.. One's a Tree Charity, and the other is a way we all might be able to get our Prints and Originals in peoples homes..?? More later.. =)

    Bowing to all of your inner Illustration nerd,

  5. Awesome post, Chuck! I love the samples you chose to share with us, your sense of color is so vibrant and rad. I know you must hear that often about your work, but it's so true. :]

  6. Man, I'm lovin all the clockwork stuff. Really great work Chuck!

  7. OMG, two things:

    1 - Who else is going to ECCC??? I would love to meet you guys in Artists' Alley! (I will be dressed as either Poison Ivy or female Loki, btw...)

    2 - You teach at PNCA? What is your class called? (I live in SE Portland!) I've wanted to take a few classes there but tuition is steep and I already have my BFA in Illustration.....still....your work is awesome =D

  8. Gracious thanks; Tora, Eric, and Chris.. =)

    Seems as though we should make ECCC a Shadowcore meet up perhaps? I'm hoping to have space at next years artist alley, and will look out for folks as it gets closer..

    My class is a painting class in the Illustration Dept., Figurative life painting, costumed models, a slew of surface anatomy, expression, likeness etc.. A vast swatch of my class is reconstituted things found in Gurneys' Color & Light, and Imaginative Realism, though.. So, I agree about tuition, but $50 to the Maestro Gurney won't hurt... =) Anyone up for a Book link post?? Like they occasionally do on Ninja Mountain Scrolls.. =)


  9. Is it possible to get a space at artist alley for just one day, instead of all three? ECCC falls really close to PaizoCon, and I'm (hopefully) at the Paizo artist table again this year. But, ECCC is still a possibility. Let me know if you're going Chuck, perhaps we can carpool up from P-town.

    Gurney's Imaginative Realism = awesome.

    Sure, I'm up for a book link post.

  10. Up for the carpool !! Red Jeep to the rescue.. =)
    If they don't take one days, you're welcome to go halvsies at my table for a day if you'd like ?? I'm looking at cutting overhead to as little as possible, or I'll not make a dime..

  11. Going half on a table for a day would be great, I wonder if that's possible? Keep me posted as it gets closer. I might head up for a day just to goof around anyway (I didn't get a table last year, and it was still really fun).

  12. Chuck, I saw your table at PAX. but unfortunately wasn't able to stop and say hello.
    I didn't realize you lived in Portland (as with the above poster, I live in SE!), I've recently been considering going to school for illustration to really get my portfolio going (also daunted by the costs)... your class sounds awesome though.

    Thanks for sharing, and I'm very excited about all the talent in this blog!

  13. Hey eygji, Yeah.. Craig Spearing (the founder of this loovly endeavor), along with Adam Cook, Arkady Roytman, Patricia Smith, Lee Moyer, and a couple other SF&F folks, all live in Portland.. I hit Hipbone drawing session on Burnside every once in awhile, but through the semester, I'm mostly at the PNCA.. Hope to see you around town, or at a show !!

  14. Keep us all posted about ECCC going forward! =D

  15. According to the ECCC site, the artist alley is closed to applicants (which is kinda weird, last year it was only half full with lots of vacant tables).


  16. KAHHHHHNNNNnnnnnnn!!!!
    Och aye, if that's nae bollocks!!

    Well, I contacted someone last Nov. to sign up, and they said wait until the forms came out for next year.. Now they came and went it seems?? I'll check if I can get in on a waiting list.. Man, this teaching sure does take up a lot of time..

    Thanks for the heads up, Craig..
    I'm still down with carpool and hanging out at very least.. =)