September 19, 2011

Eva Widermann

Okay, it's a Monday night and I just decided to put my pencil aside and call it a day. But some nasty Vodka-RedBull doesn't want me to snuggle up on the sofa with my significant other and significant other cats. So instead I'm finally writing up my share for the SHADOWCORE…. (mua ha ha ha)

But first of all: Thanks to Craig Spearing for putting this blog and the artists together! Great stuff!

My name is Eva Widermann, I studied Graphic and Design in Munich when I was just sweet 17 and started my career in advertising agencies after graduating three years later, which gave me a tremendous advantage in work experience. After a couple of years I decided to pursue my life time dream of becoming a freelance illustrator and concept artist and I have to say this was one of the best decisions I ever made. My main focus is on character art in both traditional and digital media. And I can't draw robots.

My debut within the gaming industry was in 2003 for a RPG called "Engel" and just a short time after I found myself painting and drawing for the likes of Wizards of the Coast, Paizo and other companies. I absolutely love the variety of my job, that's why I don't entirely focus on the gaming industry and continually challenge myself and my style by working on different commissions. One morning I can start on a children's book and finish the day with another brain sucking zombie. Win!! =D

Does a freelancer have any spare time at all? Well, not much, but I enjoy it even more! In 2009 I moved to the "Rebel County" of Cork in beautiful Ireland, where my husband is from. Living near the sea and in such a historical and cultural environment had a huge impact on my art. I joined a reenactment group and I love putting my costume together and diving into long lost centuries (which is also a great source of inspiration of course).

If you like to see more of my work, have a look at my website (listed on the right side) or join me on Facebook. Thanks for your time and Slán abhaile!


  1. Great stuff, Eva!! That Underdark cover image is insane. Loving those colors. That rogue piece is blowing my mind, thanks for sharing so many awesome pieces :)

  2. Thanks again for posting Eva! And yeah... Underdark for. the. win.

  3. Brilliant work, Eva !! So much detail in the conceptuals.. =)

  4. Wonderful work Eva! I just love your concepts for your characters.

  5. Always loved that Underdark cover, Eva - your work is always a treat to come across in the Wizards books. :)