September 27, 2011

Eric Braddock

So how does one follow the amazing introductions to this killer art group so far? I really don't know, but this is my attempt.

A huge thanks to Craig for organizing this and creating this blog for all of us. Craig–you are my hero. I truly feel honored to be among you all and humbled to be included, I respect and admire all of you and I am looking forward to sharing our work and experiences together here.

I graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2008 and have been grinding ever since. Between freelance, private commissions and gallery work, my life is pretty hectic as most of you can completely relate. Over the past few years I've been lucky enough to have worked with clients like Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, DreamWorks Animation Fine Art and others along the way thus far. In the past year I've worked on Lord of the Rings TCG, A Game of Thrones TCG, and Talisman: The Adventure Board Game, just to name a few.

Originally trained in oils, I've made the jump into digital media and have really been expanding my skill sets to get myself into a game studio. Those who know me well know just how much I love Blizzard Entertainment, specifically Warcraft. Some things you can expect to see from me on this blog are not only my publishing work such as card illos, but also some concept and 3D work.

I currently live in southern NJ and spend my off time usually at Starbucks with my sketchbook, playing games, keeping healthy and trying to get to art museums and shows as much as possible.

Eowyn and the Nazgul

Magnar the Lavalchemist

Death Knight

Worgen Mage

The Scourge Gate

Coldsnap Magi Dagger

Samwise in the Pass of Cirith Ungol sketch

Scourge Box - concept 3D model


  1. I'm a sucker for good grayscale... and your Samwise piece is amazing. Great work man, thanks for jumping in!

  2. Eric I love your Goblin piece! And I second Craig, your Samwise piece is powerful!

  3. Hey! I have seen most of these, but still great to see them collected in one place. Awesome stuff as always Eric!

  4. Thanks, guys! Some really tough acts to follow so far, I'm just glad to be a part of such an awesome crowd.

    Craig- Thanks, man! I'll be sure to post up some shots of it once the painting is started.

    Anna- Thank you! My goblin is one of my favorite pieces, I need a new one soon I think ;) And I hope I captured the moment with Samwise accurately!

    Mark- Thanks for dropping in, dude!

  5. Beautiful, Eric !! Lots of movement and color to your work.. =)

  6. Awesome, awesome work, Erick! It's really great to be posting along-side you. Thanks for giving my brain more visual candy, sir. :)

  7. Thanks a lot, Adam! The feeling is mutual, your work is incredible. I'm stoked to see the work everyone starts posting up, visual candy central right here :)

  8. i agree with the rest about the Samwise piece. plus, it's good to see Sam getting some more screen time, since he was kinda the (unsung) hero of the story, anyway. :)

    i love the Scourge Box concept, and i'm glad you included it (random item concepts don't always get showcased along with "higher profile" work, but sometimes that's a real shame). lots of great textures and details in it.